Tanya Currie

Occupational Therapist




Comprehensive assessment using standardised and informal assessment tools. Full report with assessment results, goals, strategy ideas and resources.


60-90 minute session


Screening assessment using parent interview, observation and informal screening tools. Brief report with summary of goals and recommendations.

60 minute session


Therapy Session
Individual therapy session provided as a mobile service to the home or education setting. Inclusive of parent/educator consultation and support.   

60 minute session  $170.00

45 minute session  $140.00

30 minute session  $90.00


$30.00 surcharge for visits outside a 20km radius of Salisbury

 E therapy session
Therapy session provided by video conferencing.
45 minute session   $140.00
30 minute session   $90.00 
 Progress Report
Progress report of child's progress towards meeting mutually established goals.
 Home Program

6 week home program, including activity ideas and resource suggestions.

$90.00 per 30 minutes of development
 NDIS Clients
Services able to be provided for NDIA Managed, Plan Provider Managed and Self-Managed clients.
Prices charged in line with 'NDIS Price Guide'