Tanya Currie

Occupational Therapist

Mobile Occupational Therapy service for children

A mobile Occupational Therapy service is provided for children and adolescents in their family home or in their educational setting. This takes the stress out of needing to get to a clinic appointment as well as the benefit of working with the child in their natural environment.

Experienced Occupational Therapist

Tanya has 10 years experience as an Occupational Therapist. She established her private practise in 2012. Tanya specialises in working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Attention Deficit 

Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability and Developmental Delay.

Child and family centred approach

Working collaboratively as a team, with the child, parents, educators and other health professionals, is a priority to ensure effective goal setting and best outcomes for your child.

Occupational Therapy sessions are made accessible for your family through a range of funding and rebate options. 

Registered Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) provider

Registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider

Registered Medicare provider for Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans